With the spotlight on housing demand and affordability, residential development applications comprise a significant proportion of projects at Peterson Bushfire. Ranging from rezoning proposals for new residential communities to single dwellings, the range of projects is wide and varied.

Commercial & Industrial

As commercial and industrial uses move out of the inner Sydney suburbs to the bushfire prone areas of the outer west, the demand for bushfire expertise increases for this sector. Projects range from smaller commercial unit developments to industrial logistics warehouse hubs, and include specialised uses such as tourism operations.


Loss of infrastructure to bushfires can have an immediate impact on communities, such as losing capability to issue emergency warnings via telecommunication towers, and long term impacts, such as the costs required to rebuild government assets. Peterson Bushfire works with clients through the design, approvals, construction and maintenance phases of a project to ensure design requirements are achieved.


Bushfires can impact mining operations in many ways. In addition to life and property, operational capacity can be threatened by loss of infrastructure such as water or power supply. Of key importance is the protection and management of biodiversity offset areas which require appropriate fire regimes. Peterson Bushfire prepares Bushfire Management Plans using GIS that can be presented in poster format.

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